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Voluntary Service of Armenia – Republican Headquarters of Student Brigades (HUJ) was founded in 1965 and is registered as a non-governmental organisation, with headquarters situated in Yerevan, Armenia.


Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations; Full Member since 2000


Coordinating Committee of International Voluntary Service; Full Member since 1995

HUJ is a full member of two big international networks, active in the field of Internarional Voluntary Service: Coordinating Committee of International Voluntary Service at UNESCO and Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations.

At present HUJ organises volunteer exchanges with 120 partner organizations abroad and holds a database of 3000 volunteers registered in HUJ as of today.

The main activities run by HUJ are for and with volunteers, mainly the young people. The regular activities of our organisation include exchange of volunteers with different organisations, opening of international workcamps in Armenia, preparation and sending volunteers to different trainings and seminars, as well as ESC and other long-term projects.

HUJ also gives an opportunity for young people coming from different countries to pass an internship at HUJ or in different projects.

HUJ was ISIC card  (International Student Identity Card)  issuing office in Armenia from 1998 till 2015. Via this card students gain discounted access to products, services and experiences relevant aspects of student life, from museums, bookstores, public transport to software licenses. 

The essential aims of the organisation are to raise the social competences and employability of the youth by organising activities for national and foreign volunteers in various programs in Armenia (workcamps, training courses, medium and long-term projects) as well as facilitating the participation of local and national volunteers in similar projects abroad; to take care of orphans, children with special needs and socially indigent people by proposing activities to and for them and making them more visible for local, national and international communities.

Historical overview

During Soviet times every year Armenian student brigades, each having about 10 thousand students, worked in big construction areas and enterprises of the former Soviet Union and Armenia. Right after the disastrous earthquake that struck Armenia in 1988, HUJ formed rescue teams which spared no effort to save more than thousand living people from the ruins. Every year from 1989 to1993 HUJ organized brigades, consisting of 14-15 thousand people, to work in the earthquake zone doing rehabilitation and construction work. They actively participated in the reconstruction of 7 towns and 149 villages, which had appeared on the verge of destruction. From 1993 till 1999 HUJ organised the care for lonely old people at home by 600-700 students of Medical Universities and colleges of Armenia. Since 1992 HUJ is implementing international volunteer exchanges.

In 2015, HUJ celebrated the 50th anniversary of Armenian student brigades movement, where the bright pages of this long history were presented to the public.

HUJ long term volunteering 2019 - Armenia


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  • EVS opportunities in Armenia

    Thank you for your interest in doing your ESC in Armenia. The Receiving Organisations supported by HUJ deal with the vulnerable social groups (children with fewer opportunities, national minorities) and are eager to host a volunteer for a long-term project (6-12 months) The organisations are as follows : - Yerevan Special School N 14, Yerevan - Zvarntots Cathedral, near from Yerevan - Republican Paediatric Rehabilitation Centre, Yerevan - National Botanical Garden, Yerevan - Huysi Avan, Yerevan