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Child Care and Support Centre ZATIK

General Information:

The Centre is located in Yerevan. There are 100 children visiting the centre, who study at different schools of the city. These children are those with varied challenges at home. The organisation has a many-years experience of hosting international volunteers for short (international summer workcamps) and long term (ESC volunteers). The staff of ZATIK is well experienced in working with the volunteers and providing them with a rich learning experience. The activities implemented by the organisation are in line with objectives of this project and will contribute to a fruitful flow of the project. There have been more than a dozen ESC long-term volunteers, who have highly contributed to the work of the centre. The major achievements of volunteers include an open space for the “graduates” of the centre to live in: a village Zatikavan. The project there was opened in 2013 as a project in project of long-term volunteers. The volunteers also had varied activities, such as performances, concerts, various workshops on important topics, mediated by the volunteers for the children.

Objects and Motivation:

The main aim of the project is the work with children-orphans, to provide educational activities and to prepare them for an independent life. Involving international volunteers will be a great opportunity for this project as the children learn about the culture and traditions of foreign countries. The presence of an international volunteer will enrich the program offered to the orphans. The discussions with the children on different subjects will be more interesting in getting to know other beliefs and points of view. Orphans, more than other children, need care, help and education, to become good members of society in future. The volunteer together with the educators will be involved in the organization of different cultural programs, where children will learn to paint, sculpture, sing and dance; they will also learn some basic abilities in theatre, art and pantomime.

Volunteer Task:

The volunteer will work mainly with children aged 5 to 15 years. He/she will assist in offering workshops and leisure time activities to the children, where they can draw, sculpture, learn different national and foreign songs, games, disco dancing, etc. In addition, the volunteer is encouraged to propose activities according to his/her own interests and skills. The volunteer will support the children and they will support him/her which will give them the sense of being needed. The volunteer will participate in and organize meetings and educational games, using his/her own experience and ways of working in his/her country.

Contact Details

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  • EVS opportunities in Armenia

    Thank you for your interest in doing your ESC in Armenia. The Receiving Organisations supported by HUJ deal with the vulnerable social groups (children with fewer opportunities, national minorities) and are eager to host a volunteer for a long-term project (6-12 months) The organisations are as follows : - Yerevan Special School N 14, Yerevan - Zvarntots Cathedral, near from Yerevan - Republican Paediatric Rehabilitation Centre, Yerevan - National Botanical Garden, Yerevan - Huysi Avan, Yerevan