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Armenia Tree Project

General Information:

Armenia Tree Project, also known as ATP, is a non-profit organization working to reforest villages and cities around Armenia. The organization was established in 1994 and is based out of both Woburn, Massachusetts and Yerevan, Armenia. Over the last 26 years, they have planted more than 6,500,000 trees while creating hundreds of jobs for the local economy. Through their missions they have provided countless communities with resources of food, energy, and economic growth. While planting trees takes the foreground on missions of the company, there are three major initiatives including reforestation, environmental education, and sustainable development and poverty reduction.

Objects and Motivation:

Environmental Education and Poverty reduction are a major part of ATP's core mission. ATP aims to improve the living standards of Armenians through the use of trees and provides seasonal jobs to 150-200 rural dwellers every year to help maintain and plant its forests. ATP also creates income for villagers through its backyard nursery program. These and more of ATP's programs can be a great source of knowledge for the volunteer looking to gain experience in environmental work, awareness raising, poverty reduction, etc. ATP provides fruit trees to village households, to secure them with food. The volunteer will learn about Armenian culture and traditions and will have a chance to practise the Armenian language with the team and its beneficiaries.

Volunteer Task:

If the volunteer is passionate about the environment, environmental education or just the well-being of others then there is a lot of opportunities to get involved with ATP to benefit both the goals of the organization and his/her own professional ones. The volunteer will work in the office and outside of office. The departments of the organisation are split up into four major categories: Public Relation and Outreach. Environmental Education, Nurseries, and Forestry. The volunteer will work in Forestry/Nursery, in PR, in Environmental Education departments, Forestry/Nursery Department.

Contact Details

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  • EVS opportunities in Armenia

    Thank you for your interest in doing your ESC in Armenia. The Receiving Organisations supported by HUJ deal with the vulnerable social groups (children with fewer opportunities, national minorities) and are eager to host a volunteer for a long-term project (6-12 months) The organisations are as follows : - Yerevan Special School N 14, Yerevan - Zvarntots Cathedral, near from Yerevan - Republican Paediatric Rehabilitation Centre, Yerevan - National Botanical Garden, Yerevan - Huysi Avan, Yerevan