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Botanical Garden

General Information:

The Institute of Botany After A. Takhtajyan of the national Academy of Science of the Republic of Armenia, is the responsible body for plant collections in Armenia. The Botanic Institute holds rich herbarium as well as collection of 1070 species which represent 40% of the national collection (650 species) and shrubs which represent 51% of the collection (850 species). It holds the important collection of Armenian flora (1.5 ha, with around 750 species). The collection includes around 200 species of endemic, rare and declining plant species, and provides a basis for the study of Armenian flora, and the ecological interactions of species, in a relatively natural environment. The specialists of the garden remove the damages and keep on expanding the existing collection. The energetic crisis caused a great damage to the collection greenhouse. The collection of tropical and sub-tropical collection was almost totally destroyed, frostbitten, the whole glass surface was completely destroyed, the watering and heating systems were set out of order, the walls and the shelve stands of the greenhouse fell down, the greenhouse completely terminated its functioning. During the following years there were new losses due to the constant changes of plants rooms in winters, as a result of which the remaining collection was also considerably reduced.

Objects and Motivation:

The organization has hosted international volunteers for more than 5 years now, the project hosted international summer workcamps, hosted Long-term volunteers. The international experience of a volunteer gives an interesting and valuable input to work of the gardens. The fact that an international volunteer speaks a different language, and comes from a different culture brings new live to the garden. New ideas regarding activities are more than welcome. We wish that a volunteer develops an own project, according to his/her interest. Nowadays the most important problem is the preservation of biological diversity and helping the Botanical Garden in their main activities: • Protection and recreation of Armenian and world plant biodiversity in Botanical Gardens of Armenia • Investigation and protection of the flora of Armenia • Conservation of rare and endemic flora species of Armenia in ex situ conditions • Greenery planting in urban areas, settlements and industrial plants • Conservation and reproduction of alpine forest ecosystems in Armenia • Rehabilitation of specific diversity of forests • Conservation and rehabilitation of elite plant species in Yerevan Botanic Garden • Participation in creation of specially protected areas • Projects to combat desertification.

Volunteer Task:

Main tasks of the volunteer will be to give assistance to workers of National Botanical Garden of Yerevan in variety of environmental maintenance projects: taking care of spaces of the Garden, clearing the paths, taking out the weeds, cultivating the trees, collecting the seedlings and cleanness of the territory etc. Besides the volunteers will carry out irrigation works together with the staff of the Botanical Garden.

Contact Details

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  • EVS opportunities in Armenia

    Thank you for your interest in doing your ESC in Armenia. The Receiving Organisations supported by HUJ deal with the vulnerable social groups (children with fewer opportunities, national minorities) and are eager to host a volunteer for a long-term project (6-12 months) The organisations are as follows : - Yerevan Special School N 14, Yerevan - Zvarntots Cathedral, near from Yerevan - Republican Paediatric Rehabilitation Centre, Yerevan - National Botanical Garden, Yerevan - Huysi Avan, Yerevan