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"Giovani Insieme onllus" is a voluntary association that since 1998 has organised groups of workcamp volunteers for the protection of artistic, cultural and environmental heritage in Carignano. The workcamp in Carignano were started to restore some rooms in a building is the historical centre of the town. Through this project volunteers have the opportunity to recover Carignano's architectural heritage and enjoy the environment whilst meeting young people from all over the world.


The aim of the project is to restore Villa Bona, a wonderful historical villa of the 18th century surrounded by a buig park, and to make it usable for public events, concerts, exhibitions ect. but this year the central idea of the workcamp is to exchange traditions and explore other cultures so please be ready to present something typical of your country (dance, song, game, typical dish, custom etc.) The outdoor manual work will be in a garden close to a river Po cutting bamboo and cleaning paths and weeds; paint some benches in public gardens in the village and also fences. The work inside in the Villa Bona will be scratching wooden doors and paint them. There could be also be cleaning work in some bell tower and churches. Every week the volunteers will spend half day to clean the garden of the oldest church in Carignano (17h century) that is under renovation by an volunteer association. The volunteers will be also involved in the creation of a big mural "Flags without borders" representing the flags of all countries. every week the volunteers will go in two requirements homes to present their countries. The volunteers will also meat an association that run a project of taking care of refugees people, in this way they can really see how that emergency is managed in Italy. Some Carignano's families will host the volunteers for a dinner in the house to share culture and way of life.


In a building with beds, communal bathrooms with showers and hot water and a kitchen. Bedrooms are provided 4 to 6 beds per room. The volunteers are responsible for the cleaning and cooking. The organisation covers the cost of the meals and also the materials for the work. Volunteers must be equiped with a sleeping bag (or sheetsà, pillowcase and towels.

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