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Example of wokcamp in France : PIMP A HOUSEBOAT ON THE SEINE RIVER

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Your challenge, if you accept it, will be to give a new life to the barge with different works: cleaning, prevention of rust, undercoat application for protection, painting of the desk.


The work will be directed by a technical supervisor, so even if you never used a paintbrush before, don՛t worry, you՛ll learn The worcamp is essential to preserve the place and to keep going with welcoming people and cultural events.


You've never had the opportunity to sleep on the water? Try the adventure and come live on the houseboat with the other volunteers. All aspects of collective life (shopping, meal preparation, cleaning) will be managed by the volunteers themselves, based on an operation that they will have decided together (e.g.: use of a schedule, creation of pairs, ...). The volunteers will take turns cooking for all the participants. This will be an opportunity to show your culinary talents, don t forget your recipes

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